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You never expected it to end like this. Your intended result and the reason you started your company was to provide freedom for you and your family. The actual result is a prison cell that pays you really well and doesn't deliver on the freedom component. This is not the result you worked for. You may want my help.

My name is Frank Zaccari. I was like you. After a successful 17 year career in high tech I woke up one day alone. This de-constructed my family and required life and career altering changes. I changed my focus, figured out what was working and what wasn't. Today I help entrepreneurs like you figure that out and implement change. You planned on a happy ever after. I promise that Happy Ever After won't mean much if you arrive tired, alone and financially set. 

Making the right changes for the right reasons and attaining the right results are what I do. I have worked with a number of different industries. Many of these owners started at 45 hours per week and quietly ended at 70+ hours with no end in sight. Tired? Call me. Let's get you off the hamster wheel. Got your attention.