Emotions! We all have them. Some of us try to suppress our emotions, but they are always there lurking just below the surface. If we are lucky we may be able to control them. 
 As a writer of family and relationship books that address life altering events, based on true stories, I try to transfer the emotions of each character to the reader. If done correctly, the reader relates so closely with the character that they are living the experience. They laugh and cry with the character. They feel the sorrow or joy, hopelessness or determination. I try to do this by telling the story as if I was speaking one-on-one to the reader. For example, my first book When the Wife Cheats, deals with infidelity, betrayal, and abandonment.  These are very difficult emotions. Since fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, these emotions have to be addressed if one is going to survive. I follow the journey of one man and his two young daughters. 

My third book Inside the Spaghetti Bowl, deals with the emotions associated with the death of a parent. This is a story that every person will have to face. With the first sentence, I try to draw the reader into the hospital room to meet and hopefully fall in love with this family.  It is a story about family and unconditional love. My goal is that the reader will see their own family and the memories make them smile.
Five Years to Live, addresses the powerful and overwhelming emotions of a loved one beset by a catastrophic injury. It starts with the phone call everyone prays they will never receive. The story exposes the trauma and the horror that ensues and the love and courage it takes to initially go on living and then ultimately triumph. I try to make the reader ask the questions, “Would I have the courage and fortitude to pick up the pieces after my life, my goals, my hopes and my dreams were instantly shattered, or would I succumb to despair and not even try?” 

My newest book Storm Seeds depicts a test of the human spirit. "Misery has a role in everyone's life," author Frank Zaccari points out. "The question is, will misery take over your life and lead to your ultimate destruction, or do you have the courage, strength and support to pull yourself up and move forward toward a better life?"
Author of When the Wife Cheats, From the Ashes, Inside the Spaghetti Bowl, Five Years to Live and the latest book Storm Seeds
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