"Inside the Spaghetti Bowl"

Like many of the “baby boomers” my family faced the difficult task of burying our Mother. This is our story, this is your story.  It is the story you will want to pass down to your children and grandchildren. This is a book about family and unconditional love through the good times and bad. It is about a family who is and always will be there for each other no matter what. We hope you see your family in this book and the memories make you smile.

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"Five Years to Live"

It is the phone call every person lives in fear of receiving. There has been an accident and your loved one is paralyzed. A spinal cord injury is the single most devastating and life altering event.  Based on a true story, Michael and Donna were young, successful, in love and planning their life together.  That life was radically changed by a tragic car accident. Now a wheelchair user as a quadriplegic, with limited movement, constant infections and multiple surgeries, doctors projected Michael's best case life expectancy to be five years.  It will make you realize what can be accomplished when a person does not let circumstances dictate their life.

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I have written and published five books.

"When The Wife Cheats"

In our society the act of infidelity is usually associated with the husband. But what happens when the wife cheats? Very little is written about how the husband and children deal with the lies, deceit, betrayal and abandonment when the wife violates the marital vows. Follow one man’s journey as he and his two young daughters cope with the devastation that occurs “When The Wife Cheats.”

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"From the Ashes"

The rise of the University of Washington volleyball program is an amazing turn-around management success story. Read the inside story on how ten turn-around management principles were applied to build an elite collegiate athletic program. With an enlightened leader who has the commitment and courage to do the right things, these principles can be used for any type of organization.
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"Storm Seeds"

The newest book "Storm Seeds" depicts a test of the human spirit. "Misery has a role in everyone's life," author Frank Zaccari points out. "The question is, will misery take over your life and lead to your ultimate destruction, or do you have the courage, strength and support to pull yourself up and move forward toward a better life?"

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